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Asset Management Overview

Sophisticated investors increasingly recognize the potential benefits of investing in floating-rate loans as part of their fixed income or alternative asset allocations. Senior secured loans offer premium yields, relative value and low correlation with other asset classes. They also feature tight deal structures with significant lender protections, as well as a priority claim on assets pledged as collateral.

NewStar, the alternative credit group of First Eagle Investment Management, leverages its direct origination network, credit capabilities and strategic relationships to offer a range of investment strategies focused on middle market loans and liquid, tradeable credit.

For almost $5 billion managed on behalf of investors, we employ a range of strategies with differing risk/return targets across various investment vehicles, including un-levered direct lending strategies through co-mingled funds, fully-levered strategies through CLOs and separate accounts with a spectrum of parameters tailored to investor preferences.

Our investment products attract interest from a range of institutional investors from around the world, including financial institutions, insurance companies, pensions, endowments, foundations, family offices and hedge funds, among others.

Middle Market Direct Lending Strategies

NewStar manages a series of private credit funds that invest in middle market loans originated through its direct lending platform. By leveraging its middle market direct lending franchise and strategic relationships, NewStar provides institutional investors with proprietary access to an attractive segment of the U.S. private loan market and the benefits of our proven credit investment platform.


Liquid Credit Strategies

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, NewStar Capital, the Company also manages assets across a series of CLOs that invest primarily in broadly syndicated loans, as well as other sponsored funds and managed accounts that invest across various liquid, non-investment grade asset classes, including broadly syndicated loans and bonds. Through a fundamental, bottom-up approach to credit analysis and active portfolio management, our liquid credit investment team identifies attractive relative value opportunities across non-investment grade asset classes, industry sectors and issuers to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for investors.


NewStar Financial Inc., the alternative credit group of First Eagle, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, NewStar Capital LLC, are Registered Investment Advisers with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC").

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